Our Philosophy

The name IDese is derived from Freud’s theory that one’s personality consist of three elements; the Id,  Ego and Super Ego, where these elements work together to form our unique personality.   Rooted in the principles by which we design is the belief that one’s place is an extension of oneself, a canvas to convey our individuality.  It is an expression of our IDese.

We do not promote a House Style, but rather slavishly seek to develop each unique design based on the individuality of each client and situation.  Designing environments which satisfy various aspects of one’s personality are fundamental to creating the right individual environment. 

Inherent to our boutique studio is a focused and personalised service.  We take a very limited number of commissions at any one time to ensure this focused attention is not compromised.  We believe it is essential to invest the time to understand each clients needs, lifestyle and goals for their property. This ensure the services we provide optimise the results for our clients.